Operational Excellence

Everybody pulling in the right direction, at the right time, and with maximum efficiency of action.  Vuelta Management works with clients to develop and implement sustainable systems that bring lasting operational improvements.  Our professionals specialize in improving operational processes affecting:

Operational Controls

Vuelta Management can guide you through the implementation of highly effective quality principles, systems, and techniques.  We work with your staff to identify variability and waste, purge them from your critical processes, and drive cost savings to your bottom line. 

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.  Done properly, improving operational controls results in product and service delivery that is Better, Faster, Cheaper.  Working at your side, Vuelta Management focuses on driving improvements to:


1. Product quality

  • Increased Yields
  • Less Waste
  • Lower Production Costs
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

2. Productivity

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Capacity
  • Enhanced Value Creation

3. Supply Chain

  • Cost Reductions
  • Reduced Inventories
  • Improved Working Capital
  • Improved Reliability of Supply


4. Fraud prevention

Impostor Fraud is a problem for businesses of all sizes.  Explosive growth in this high risk threat is continuing.  Today's sophisticated schemes allow an impostor to pass himself or herself off as a key company manager, executive, or a major vendor.   The impostor hacks into a corporate email system to identify key decision makers, study email history, and even mimic email writing styles.  The impostor, with their fraudulent corporate persona and using what looks like a legitimate company email address, instructs unsuspecting staff to issue a seemingly legitimate payment to a legitimate vendor.  Many times, an air of authenticity is achieved by the impostor's ability to copy real invoices.  Real – except that the remit-to account where funds are to be transferred has been changed to one that the impostor controls.

Don’t let your Company be caught off-guard.  Vuelta Management can help you implement best practices to ensure your internal controls and processes provide the protection your business needs.

Sustainability – as important for the work place as it is for the environment.

Throughout our engagement, Vuelta Management works with your team to ensure improvement actions and performance measurements are properly aligned with corporate objectives.  We achieve sustainability by working with you to develop measurable systems where properly aligned goals drive activity and measurements control it.

"In the airline industry, if passengers see coffee stains on the food tray, they assume the engine maintenance isn’t done right."

—  Don Burr, CEO PeoplExpress