Project Management

Achieve More with Less.  Our professionals are expert Project Managers.  We help you by taking on the tactical activities required to successfully complete critical projects:

  • Project Scope and Initiation;
  • Develop, Educate, and Train the Project Team;
  • Create a realistic Work Plan;
  • Assign and Manage Tasks;
  • Track Task Completion and overall Progress;
  • Establish Regular Reporting Structure to keep you and other key Sponsors informed.

We manage the day-to-day activity, providing you regular reporting on key deliverables and progress. 

You focus on one person, your Vuelta Management partner, not a whole Project team, freeing you to keep your attention on other major tasks and critical strategic issues.

Assess.  Plan.  Execute.  Succeed.

“We contracted with Vuelta Management to help handle a very large opportunity with a major retailer that involved significant manufacturing and logistics issues - and had to be ready within a few short weeks. We needed someone who could come in and hit the ground running, mesh with our management team, and engage our work force to meet the challenges of this opportunity.  We interviewed a number of consultants and found Vuelta Management had the right mix of deep manufacturing experience, strong logistical skills, and the personality to deal with all of the internal challenges.”

- President, Retail & Commercial Decor & Display Manufacturer