We help companies succeed. 

Vuelta Management
provides interim management and consulting services to help our clients capitalize on opportunity.  Our professionals work collaboratively with our clients to thoroughly implement the process of Plan-Do-Check-Act.  They roll up their shirt sleeves and do the hard work of bringing improvement actions to life.

Businesses are dynamic.  Each organization has its own personality and unique challenges.  Because Vuelta Management has worked with a wide range of businesses in multiple industries, we are able to quickly drive to the core of your business or project, uncovering opportunities for growth or barriers to success.

We guide our clients through challenges and streamline operations, improving team and company performance.  Our clients leverage our talent and expertise to gain the extra boost needed to overcome unexpected obstacles and generate success.

Our Mission

Serve our clients and each other with honor, integrity, and respect using hard work, good humor, and our accumulated knowledge and expertise to do good and help our clients achieve their objectives.

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We help businesses succeed.  Why?  Because it's fun.  There's a high degree of satisfaction in helping business leaders across a variety of industries identify constraints, improve processes, and solve mission-critical problems.  It's fun to help people solve the puzzle of success.


It's not rocket science.
And yet - if it were easy,
everyone would do it.
Not everybody does.

But we do.

"I was able to rely on Vuelta Management’s ability to work with me to identify core business issues that were constraining our business, develop structured plans for addressing them, and implement actions that helped us meet our defined objectives..."

- President, Plastics Converter & Distributor